At Citizen Core, our approach to health and wellness goes beyond Pilates. We believe that health and wellness is a journey we travel on, not a destination. At times in our lives, we’ll change the road, the pace or the way we’re travelling. But the commitment to the journey is a constant.

We’re passionate that wherever you are within your journey, Pilates will transform you. We don’t do quick-fixes or jump on the next wellness band wagon. We believe in learning to understand your body from the inside-out in order to know your own strengths and weaknesses, so you can make changes, see different results and meet new goals.

We’re obsessed with the power of Pilates and the mind-body connection it gifts us. It’s the whole package that creates long term lifestyle changes that redefine our approach to how we eat, move, work, sit, stand and sleep. So all in all, we can give our bodies the care that our wellbeing deserves to lead a stronger, more active, more balanced and more mindful life. Pilates for the People.

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