5 Traits to steal from successful brands for a better health life

As the New Year finds its flow, it’s refreshing to feel a groundswell movement against New Year’s resolutions. Who needs them? They’re seldom effective and too focused on self-restriction. We’re not buying it anymore. The beginning of a New Year is a great time to take stock and re-evaluate. We’re human beings, not human doings. […]

The 10 Things I wish I’d known about health & fitness when I was younger

I turned forty this year. Entering a new decade in my life got me thinking about the experiences, mistakes and insights I’ve collected so far. What lessons would I pass onto my younger self? And what I could usefully share with my two young children when they’re a little older? My eight-year old son is […]

Pilates is for people who don’t go to the gym

For many, the benefits of hitting it hard on the treadmill or blasting through a high intensity gym routine has undeniable benefits, not least the adrenalin high. But its entirely possible to take your body through and intense gym workout and leave your mind in the locker room. So muscular control and mind-body awareness don’t […]

Pilates is only for your core

It’s true that Pilates is famous for building all-sorts-of-awesome core strength. But just your core? No, it doesn’t stop there. The legendary Mr. Joseph Pilates, emphasized that his system was for the entire body. Pilates takes a uniform approach to developing strength, stability, mobility and flexibility in the deep and superficial muscles of the entire […]

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