5 Traits to steal from successful brands for a better health life

5 Traits to steal from successful brands for a better health life

As the New Year finds its flow, it’s refreshing to feel a groundswell movement against New Year’s resolutions. Who needs them? They’re seldom effective and too focused on self-restriction. We’re not buying it anymore.

The beginning of a New Year is a great time to take stock and re-evaluate. We’re human beings, not human doings. It’s time to take an inside-out approach and think about what we’re going to be in 2017, instead of what we’re going to do.

My first career in marketing got me thinking about the top five common traits of successful brands and how we can steal these behaviours to drive the performance of our health life:

1. Be Unique
Successful brands don’t fit in. They differentiate or die. We’re living in self-obsessed times. How we judge our physical appearance vs. others has never held as much societal importance. Being unique is impossible when you’re imitating others. Not to mention exhausting. Embrace what makes you distinctive. Value your USP.

2. Be Passionate
Serious passion is the oxygen pumping life through all great brands. Passion propels them to work hard and deliver greatness. Our own passions are a great support to our health and happiness. They give meaning to our time, build bonds, provide an escape during setbacks and bring us joy. Tap into the passion that fuels your engine.

3. Be Consistent
‘Just do it’. The most iconic brand line ever created. Going strong since 1988. Consistency is key to successful branding but how does it translate to our health life? Consistency doesn’t equal boring. It means long-term commitment. Fitness and food fads will come and go. There’s always a new bandwagon to jump on. Screw quick fixes. Radical idea: adopt a balanced approach to food and exercise that you can sustain long-term.

4. Be Competitive
Winning brands don’t sit back in the hope that success will come to them. They move. They shake. They know their strengths and weaknesses and work tirelessly to improve. Winning in health doesn’t mean being competitive with anybody else. It’s being aware of the changing landscape of our own bodies and minds. Seeing, feeling and responding to signals of pain, exhaustion, stress or imbalances so we can performance manage our own health and wellbeing.

5. Be a Leader
Behind every great brand is a great leader. That’s you. Don’t be afraid to be the leader of your own health life. Yes, you might be lucky enough to have a truly great PT – nutritionist – therapist – yada yada yada – supporting you on the journey. But nobody on this planet is going to know you like you do or stand to reap the rewards of your success. Show up. Steer the ship. And be the CEO of your health life in 2017.